Hot topic: SB 5 survey results

A recent Quinnippiac University poll, conducted ofOhio voters from May 10-16, has shed some light on voters’ current feelings about Ohio SB 5 (the law passed March 31 to limit collective bargaining for public employees).

I found two articles about the poll today:

As though we didn’t know this was a hot topic already, at the time of this writing, there are over 100+ comments on each of those articles. However, I admit I did not subject myself to actually reading them…

According to the survey results, 54% of those surveyed think that SB 5 should be repealed; 36% apparently support it. (What happened to the other 10%?) It should come as no surprise that Democrats and Independents apparently favor repeal of SB 5 more often than Republicans do.

The survey also broke down various elements of SB 5 and asked people’s opinions on those elements individually. Here are some examples of those findings:

  • Most respondents felt that SB 5 was not needed in order to balance the state budget. (I agree with that: call it what it is; it’s a union-busting bill.)
  • Most respondents thought public employees should pay at least 15% of their health insurance premiums. (I agree with that too; I figured up how much my husband and I pay for ours, and it is way over 15%. Seems fair to me.)
  • More people opposed “eliminating seniority as the sole factor in layoffs.” So, I take this to mean that more people think seniority should be the sole factor in layoffs. I disagree with that statement, based on the use of the word “sole.” I think it’s ridiculously unfair that some people would be safe from layoffs simply because they have been there the longest. Let the best man (or woman) win!
  • Most people supported merit-based pay raises, instead of automatic increases based on length of service. I completely agree. Those who are doing the best job should be rewarded.

(In the above examples, I used the term “most” to mean “more than 50%” simply to avoid having to write a whole bunch of wordy, awkward statements. If you want the exact percentages, check out the original poll data or one of the two articles listed above.)

There are several other stats reported in the articles and in the original survey data. I’ve only mentioned a few here that were of the most interest to me. (The survey also included items calculating the governor’s approval rating, and I’m not touching that one!)

Please note: The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. They do not necessarily represent opinions held by my employer or by my public employee union. (That’s right, I’m a union member.)Please see original data, and form your own opinions.

2 responses to “Hot topic: SB 5 survey results

  1. It is interesting that Ohions, while “opposing” S.B.5, are actually in favor of most of its’ provisions! To a private sector employee, S.B. 5 brings state workers’ pay and benefits in line with the private sectors’. It has been very cushy for the state workers in terms of pay, benefits and job security. But who could possibly agree that job retention and salary should be based solely upon seniority and not upon job performance??? Where else but government would that be considered competitive? Nowhere.

    Receive rewards based upon your merit and efforts, not based upon how long you sat in the chair.

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