International Archives Day

June 9th is International Archives Day. It’s a special day to celebrate and promote archives — like you weren’t already doing that! There is also a special Twitter event today : #AskArchivists (read more about it).

I don’t have much time right now, but to honor the day, I thought I’d post a quote from the International Archives Day site, which succinctly sums up the answer to “Why should we care about archives?” So here it is:

Archival records are those documents that are preserved by their creators, successors or an appropriate archive institution because of their legal value or enduring historical significance. Archives constitute a major cultural heritage and information resource. The archival heritage is a valuable testimony about the economical, political and social development of humanity. (Quoted from International Archives Day site, accessed June 9, 2011).

In short, if there weren’t any archives, we wouldn’t know much about the past. And that would just be a tragedy!

Happy International Archives Day!


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