Ohio libraries, past, present, and potential merge scenarios

Today, on the Ohio Library Council (OLC)‘s web site, I read a press release entitled “Task Force Releases Report on Local Government Reform and Collaboration”. It focuses on the results of a recent Task Force assigned to research the potential pros and cons of “collaboration, merger, and consolidation” of Ohio public library systems.

The Task Force’s report is particularly interesting. The press release sums it up best by describing the contents of the report as follows:

The report takes a look at the history and unique nature of Ohio’s public libraries as compared to those around the country, existing research, and new data, and applies the information to two case studies to hypothesize what would happen if the sample libraries were merged.

I learned a lot of interesting things about Ohio’s public libraries, in general, including library-related legislation, previous budget crises and funding-related actions, and basically a lot of statistics demonstrating just how awesome Ohio libraries are.

But more than that, I was particularly interested in the two case study scenarios, because both centered around the library system where I work, the Dayton Metro Library. One scenario explored the potential financial impact of absorbing the Germantown Library as a branch; the other scenario explored the same thing but in reference to Wright Memorial Library in Oakwood.

I was surprised by the results of the analysis! Go check it out and see for yourself!


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