Photo confessions, redux

After I wrote on May 3 about how I still hadn’t written on the backs of my wedding photos (from three years ago), I decided it was high time to lay out a plan for actually accomplishing the task.

I know what you’re thinking: What do you need a “plan” for? Just sit down and do it. It’s not that hard!  And okay, so maybe “plan” isn’t the right word. It wasn’t so much an organizational roadblock that was stopping me as it was one of pure volume—there were about 1,000 prints to write on!—which then contributed to a mental block: Oh god, I don’t have the patience for this; there are too many of them; I’ll do it later; how will I ever find the time for this? etc.

Instead of attempting to tackle the project all at once, I made a conscious effort to label at least 5 prints per day. I set the photo box out on my desk, with the photo pen on top of it, and kept it there, as a constant reminder to label at least a few pictures each day. Once I bothered to sit down, open the box, and start labeling, it was usually easy to write on a lot more than 5 pictures per day, once I got going. But some days, I really did label only 5, put them back in the box, close the lid, and walk away.

And using this tactic, I am proud to report that, as of last night, I am finished labeling all of our wedding photos!

You would think that I might have promisd myself some kind of “reward” for when I finished that project, but it really didn’t even occur to me. I know it will sound corny, but having completed the project is its own reward. I am glad to no longer have that hanging over my head!

Next up, I might have to re-visit my digital copies of the pictures and commence with labeling those (i.e., adjusting the file names to something meaningful, rather than the camera-assigned names like “IMG_7065.JPG”). I really hate having digital photos on my computer with those generic names. And I’m usually really good about renaming the files “immediately” before I forget what they are. But, as with the paper prints, the job of renaming all those wedding photos was just…overwhelming. Perhaps I’ll have to unleash my “label 5 wedding photos” per day plan on the digital ones as well. 😉


One response to “Photo confessions, redux

  1. Dividing a task that seems insurmountable into do-able chunks is an excellent strategy! Shoot- it took my 18 years to finish my son’s baby book. Should have taken my own advice.

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