Ex post facto reference: First burial in Woodland Cemetery, Dayton

Yesterday, someone apparently searched the Internet for the following : “what the first funeral for woodland cemetery dayton ohio”.

I hope whoever it is either sees this post later or calls the Dayton Library, or even Woodland, because this was a pretty easy question to answer.

Well, it’s an easy answer…assuming that I understand the spirit of the question correctly. The person said “funeral,” which I’m interpreting as “burial.” Technically, you could bury someone without a funeral (in all sorts of scenarios), or have a funeral without a burial (cremation, etc.).

But I’m going to go ahead and answer: “What was the first burial in Woodland Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio?”

Woodland Cemetery was officially dedicated on June 21, 1843, and the first burial took place a few weeks later. The first person to be buried in Woodland Cemetery was Allen Cullum on July 11, 1843. Cullum was a native of Butler County, Ohio, and died on July 9, 1843, age the age of 38 years. He is buried in Section 77, Lot 83.

UPDATED 10/17/2012, to add photo:

Allen Cullum tombstone

Allen Cullum tombstone in Woodland Cemetery (Photo taken 7 Oct. 2012 by Matt Rickey. Used with permission.)


Woodland Cemetery Interment Database, http://www.woodlandcemetery.org/.

Norris D. Hellwig. Woodland: 150 Years. [Dayton, OH]: s. n., 1991. Pages 3-4.


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