Memento scribere

Memento scribere. Remember to write.

Maybe I need to write that on my hand (though I’d have to do it repeatedly thanks to hand-washing). Or perhaps (probably) it would be more effective to make it an Outlook task. Actually, I used to have such a thing, but it’s been tossed by the wayside for the past few months.

My new job (which I started in November) has…shall we say…routinely absorbed much of my naturally existing “writing mojo.” So…not a ton of writing mojo has been leftover for this, my public blog, or even my private writings. But that’s OK. For now. It will balance out eventually, I’m sure; hopefully it won’t be too long, because I miss this place!

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that you can “find me” over on the blogs of the Wright State University Special Collections & Archives…just in case you are really jonesing for some of my writing.

The Out of the Box blog is our “general” blog for the archives- highlighting collections, making announcements, etc. And then we also have the Dayton Daily News Archive blog, which is exclusively for materials (including LOTS of photos) from the Dayton Daily News Archive (an extremely large newspaper morgue archive that WSU SCA has had for a few years now). If it says it was posted by “Lisa,” then I probably wrote it (unless it says otherwise).

So anyway… I will try to get back into remember to write mode, but until then, please continue “glancing backwards” vicariously through the blogs where I have been writing. And there’s no ignoring those — that’s (part of) what they pay me for! — so it’s certainly part of my agenda (“things that must be done” – sorry, this former Latin student couldn’t resist another Latin lesson for ya!).


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