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Civil War Sampler #5: Hovering Hawks

My fifth Civil War Sampler block is Hovering Hawks:

Hovering Hawks, completed August 16, 2018

Hovering Hawks, completed August 16, 2018

Barbara Brackman’s stories for Hovering Hawks focus mainly on “Jayhawks” or “Jayhawkers,” which is (apparently) a term for thief that originated during the Kansas Troubles just before the Civil War. I can see that (hawk = thief), seeing as how they both do their “snatching” — hawks of tiny creatures from the ground, thieves of…whatever stolen items.

Today I learned that the first thing you will find if you Google “Jayhawk” is a bunch of stuff about the University of Kansas, which was founded in 1865, and decided to make their mascot the “Jayhawk.” This is apparently also a common nickname for anyone from Kansas, such as people in Ohio are often called “Buckeyes,” whether they attended Ohio State or not.

But I digress… I went with a more literal color choice for the Hovering Hawks block again. I looked for earthy browns that might look like the colors of hawk feathers for the center parts, and I chose blue for the outside, like the sky. The lightest fabric also has some blue in it, which sort of ties it to the blue fabric.