Bit ‘o News

Another cell phone post, sorry.

We got a little bit of news from the head of our library today. I’m not really at liberty to discuss the details, but it was good to find out the status of things and what’s going on. Some decisions that need to be made will be made in the next couple of days, but it sounds like it could be longer than that before we actually hear how it affects each one of us individually.

Still no answers from Governor DeWine about childcare in today’s press conference. He’s not doing a conference tomorrow, but Dr. Acton mentioned that they will have something to say about it hopefully in the next couple of days, so hopefully that means Thursday. Fingers crossed.

University president Sue Edwards is having another one of her video chats tomorrow. I really enjoy those, even if a lot of what gets talked about is not good news in these times. I appreciate her candor and straightforwardness. And it’s pretty cool to have that instant face-to-face connection straight to the top. I even ask a question occasionally! But mostly I just listen to her answers to what other people ask. And once in a while, I post a link (in the group chat) to a trustworthy source of information about something that someone else has asked, because librarian.

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