A Little News

Dr. Edwards hosted another video-chat open forum today. Although I have three pages of handwritten notes, here are the high points (low points? haha):

  • We’re probably not going to be working back on campus until July, if not August.
  • WSU filed the paperwork for that Shared Work Ohio thing, which is a special kind of unemployment service setup specifically for this crisis – and allegedly you can still claim it even if you volunteer to reduce your hours, which they (WSU) are hoping people will. They’re working on some written communications about this.
  • They are looking at EVERYTHING when thinking about where they might be able to cut. “Everything’s on the table,” she said.
  • Apparently, some of the other universities in the state were hoping that we’d go first with announcing our cuts, so they could basically use us as a shield for the media fallout – a sacrificial lamb to the press. Oh sure, let Wright State step out in front of the bus first; they’re used to it. They probably don’t even feel it anymore. To this, Dr. Edwards essentially said NO – because a number of other Ohio schools have already made their announcements and gone on the media chopping block – U. Dayton, U. Akron, Kent State, Ohio U., Miami U. – and we’re still taking our time, working things out (together, as she says).
  • And in that same vein, one of her closing encouragements: “If anyone can turn this place around, we can.”

Guys, I can’t even fucking cry about hardly anything right now (AND I SHOULD BE) – it’s so weird – but she almost brought me to tears twice today.

Can I just say how lucky we are to have a university president who’s so inspirational, compassionate, charismatic, and forthcoming?


In another piece of my personal puzzle, we got another survey from our childcare provider, regarding their plan to hopefully reopen on June 1 (pending the governor’s announcement/approval/whatever) — and they finally gave us some FEE NUMBERS to work with. I knew it was going up; it was actually going to go up a little already even before the COVID thing happened. They hadn’t raised rates in years, apparently, and it was time. Fine, I get it, inflation and all that. They had not told us what those new rates were going to be. And now, it looks like they’ve probably had to raise them even a bit more, to cover smaller ratios of teacher-to-student, PPE, extra cleaning supplies, etc. Anyway.

The new monthly rate for Jack’s age group is $1,230.00 per month. That’s about $200 more than we were paying before. And our “old” rate included a $100 discount (for what, I forget), and they are not going to be applying any discounts initially, they said. So it will be the full $1,230.


Well, it’s nice to at least have that number, finally, to plug into the mental “spreadsheet” of decision-making. (Hopefully soon I will have “the number” as to how much income I myself can expect to earn for the near/foreseeable future.)

The “mental spreadsheet” might have to be an ACTUAL spreadsheet at some point. I actually have one for calculating how much Emergency Fund we’d need in various scenarios – like if one or the other of us lost our job or if — GOD FORBID — we both did at the same time: how much we’d need for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, etc. Anyway, if the shit really hits the fan, some version of that sheet is going to get copy/pasted into a new “What the Hell Should We Do” spreadsheet.

But again, on the bright side, it will be nice to have all the damn pieces of the puzzle eventually. Right now it’s like playing a card game where half the deck is missing, and you don’t know which half. And I already hate card games.

In the meantime, here’s the kind of thing I’m dealing with while I’m watching Dr. Edwards’ video chats — and trying to do anything else (these pics are actually from Friday’s chat):

Cat wants to watch Dr. Edwards video-chat also, May 8, 2020

Cat wants to watch Dr. Edwards video-chat also, May 8, 2020

Toddler wants to watch cartoons in same room and also press all the buttons on the printer, during Dr. Edwards' video chat, May 8, 2020

Toddler wants to watch cartoons in same room and also press all the buttons on the printer, during Dr. Edwards’ video chat, May 8, 2020

God help us all.

OH! And there’s a GroundWorkOhio petition to Congress for childcare relief. Another working archivist mom sent it to me today, and you should all go do it! It just takes a minute.

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