Childcare to reopen

Governor DeWine announced today that Ohio childcare centers are allowed to start reopening for the general public (not just emergency personnel) on Sunday, May 31. (Here’s an article from WLWT.)


Our childcare center is planning to reopen on June 1.

Now we just have to hope that we are high enough to the top of the list, based on how they are prioritizing things, that we will get one of the spots, since they can only have half as many children per toddler room now (6 instead of 12).

Fingers crossed.

Also, trying not to fret too much about how Dr. Amy and the governor keep saying, basically: We don’t know much about this yet and how it will go with childcare centers and spreading and so we look forward to getting more data on that soon (as childcare centers reopen).

Uh? Is it just me, or did that sound a little bit like our babies are lab rats?

I get it. They need a larger sample size. And I’m not one to suggest or support withholding data once it’s available – that’s how you improve things.

Just hoping that this doesn’t turn into a giant clusterfuck of death — you know, any more than it already is.

I know there’s a choice. There’s always a choice. But at the same time, there’s kinda not. It’s been pretty terrible working from home with a two-year-old (who, btw, doesn’t nap anymore).

Like you’re drowning, and they’re throwing you this inflatable life raft – FINALLY (but you understand why they took so long about it, because it wasn’t safe until maybe now) – but at the same time, they’re also kind of saying, “We’re not 100% sure this inflatable boat won’t take on a life of its own and suffocate your family and you’ll all still die, but you still want it, right?”

Yes. Yes, I do.



But it’s cool.

(Narrator: It wasn’t really cool, but what the hell else are they supposed to do?)


One response to “Childcare to reopen

  1. Weirdly, it feels exactly the same when your adult children are taking risking exposure to to protect you from the virus:

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