About Me

Lisa Rickey, 2019

Lisa Rickey, 2019

Hello, I’m Lisa Pasquinelli Rickey, MA, MLIS, CA.

It seems like I’m always glancing backwards…in time.

I started this blog as part of a scripting course for my MLIS degree and decided to keep it as a place to blog about professional things. My professional interests include archives and manuscripts, libraries and library science, local history, genealogy, preservation, digitization, history, public history, oral history, photographs and photography, and anything else you can think of that amounts to “documenting and sharing the past.”

Currently, I am the collections manager for Special Collections & Archives, Wright State University Libraries. For more information about my professional activities and educational background, check out my Curriculum Vitae.

In my spare time, I am usually hanging out with my husband, Matt. We have 1 child and 2 cats. I enjoy reading, sewing/quilting, photography (check out my Flickr), genealogy, and home improvement.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find interesting and/or useful information here, and please visit again. Questions and comments welcome!

I can be contacted by email at : lisarickey2008 [at] gmail [dot] com , or on Twitter @LisaRickey.



This blog is likely to contain entries pertaining to materials I find at work (both out of an interest or curiosity regarding the items themselves and an interest in promoting my institution and its collections). Even so, the statements and opinions posted here are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views or endorsements of my employer(s) or affiliations.

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14 responses to “About Me

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and CONGRATS on getting your MLIS degree recently! =)

  2. Robert C. Sorrell

    Ms. Rickey:

    Thank you for your article on Luther B. Bruen. I have been seeking information on him for the last 25 years and now my personal mystery has been solved. I have been in possession of the Bruen family bible for at least 25 years and have never been able to get any information about him and now thanks to you I know the answers to some of questions that I have had about Major Bruen.

    Once again thank you

  3. Dear Ms. Rickey,

    Thank you for the information about Dr. John G. Affleck, who had a close connection to James Dudley Gray – who learned medicine from him in hte 1840s, in Somerset, Belmont County, and who also was a printer, and beame involved in publishing a newspaper The Belmont Farmer. This was one of at least 4 papers Affleck was involved in, but it seems quite hard to find extant examples of his writing, even though many refer to his erudition, fine library, and literary talent. If there is a souce that draws together some of Aflleck’s writins, I would love it see it. What ogt me intereste in this are a series of letters from Gray (mentioned above) to a cousin, and which I inherited in a roundabout fashion. They remain unpublished, but I am going to change that – and Affleck is an important character in the tale.
    All this is quite a change for me, as my previous publications have all been on technological history, including one about to come out on the history of the assembly line with MIT Press.
    I go on too long. Thank you for the blog.
    Best wishes

    David E. Nye

  4. what year did you post the picture of Edward Tullibardine Affleck, from what CDV did you get it?

  5. Gary Wollenhaupt

    I enjoyed your blog very much. I’d like some insight into how to pursue some research at the Dayton library. According to some family lore, one of my ancestors formed the first brass band in Dayton. This would be around 1850-1852. I’m assuming Dayton newspapers would carry a notice of this information. My family came from Germany about that time and many settled in Dayton. My ancestor’s name is Freidrich or Frederick Wollenhaupt. I can’t find much in the census records on him although I think I have found his children. He may have come to the US and died before he could be recorded in a census.

    Having said all that, would the Dayton Library be a good place to begin the search or would you recommend somewhere else?

    • Thanks so much for your comments, Gary. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the blog. The short answer to your question is: yes, I definitely recommend contacting the Dayton Metro Library for assistance. For the longer answer, I’ll send you an email. -Lisa

  6. Thanks you for your informative Blogs! If you’re looking for some interesting Bio Sketch personalities I’d like to see the following if you’re interested.

    George B. Smith
    Charlotte Reeve Conover
    August F. Foerste
    William B. Werthner
    Jefferson Patterson
    Dorothy Patterson
    Fredrick Patterson
    George W. Houk
    Edward Deeds
    Alfred A. Thomas

    • Thanks for the ideas, Aaron. I don’t know that I’ll get around to writing full biographical sketches of all these people, but I might make a post about where you could find more information on each of them — the librarian approach, as opposed to the historian approach, I suppose!

  7. Dear Lisa, I enjoyed reading your blog. Could you help me find information about a Mr Gest, a Quaker who took Rabindranath Tagore, the Indian poet to various Quaker meetings and colleges in 1920-21 from New York? The colleges they visited were Swarthmore College and Bryn Mawr College in Philadelphia.
    Supriya Roy

  8. Wonderful research, history, writing. Thank you.

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