MA, 2008, Wright State U.

I graduated on June 14, 2008, with an Master of Arts in History, with Public History concentration (archival studies focus), from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.

My studies included coursework in archival administration, preservation, manuscript processing, photograph preservation, oral history, museum studies and exhibits, records management, as well as a historical methods course and several American history graduate courses.

A 100-hour project and 300-hour archival internship were also required. My project was updating the web pages of the University of Dayton archives with electronic finding aids. My internship was conducted in the Wright State University Special Collections & Archives in the summer of 2007.

Courses completed:

  • Intro to Archives and Manuscripts (HST 710)
  • Advanced Problems in Archival Work (Manuscripts Processing) (HST 714)
  • Archival Preservation (HST 717)
  • Photograph Conservation (HST 717)
  • Oral History (HST 685)
  • Public History Internship (Wright State Archives) (HST 715)
  • Independent Readings (EAD) (HST 691)
  • Information Management (HST 740)
  • Public History Project (U. Dayton archives web site) (HST 720)
  • Museum Administration and Collections (HST 712)
  • Historical Interpretation and Exhibits (HST 713)
  • Artifact Conservation (HST 717)
  • Historical Methods (HST 700)
  • Seminar: Age of Jackson (HST 701)
  • Seminar: Civil War (HST 701)
  • Seminar: American Religion (HST 702)

View Transcript: Wright State U., 2006-2008.

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