MLIS, 2011, Wayne State U.

I graduated on May 3, 2011, with a Master of Library & Information Science, obtained through the online degree program at Wayne State University School of Library & Information Science in Detroit, Michigan.

Lisa Rickey Wayne State University MLIS 2011I decided to pursue a library science degree because I worked in a public library, as well as because many archivist positions require a library science degree, rather than a history degree (or want/prefer both).

Lisa at Wayne State U orientation, Apr 16, 2009

Here I am showing off my newly-minted Wayne State University ID card at orientation in April 2009.

Courses completed:

  • History of Books, Printing, and Publishing (LIS 7790)
  • Introduction to Records and Information Management (LIS 6780)
  • Advanced Records and Information Management (LIS 8500)
  • Indexing and Abstracting (LIS 8230)
  • Issues in Librarianship: Digital Libraries (LIS 7850)
  • Intro to Information Professions (LIS 6010)
  • Information Technology (LIS 6080)
  • Access to Information (Reference Service) (LIS 6120)
  • Organization of Knowledge (Cataloging and Classification) (LIS 6210)
  • Library Administration and Management (LIS 7040)
  • Scripting Languages (LIS 7440)
  • Research in Library and Information Science (LIS 7996)

My favorite courses were History of Books; Digital Libraries; Indexing; and Scripting (the course for which I began this blog).

View Transcript: Wayne State U., 2009-2011.

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