Public Writings

Most people would call this page “Publications,” but seeing as how none of these writings is technically “published,” I thought I’d use the term “Public Writings.” These writings are public (in that they have found their way into libraries and/or the Internet) but not exactly published. Hopefully, at some point, I will update this page to include some true “publications”.

My most significant achievement in this category and the writing of which I am most proud (so far!) is my 1937 Flood research paper (2005).

History Writings

Finding Aids, Bibliographies, & Indices

  • Dr. Thomas A. McCann Financial Records (MS-047, Dayton Metro Library), (2012, in progress).
  • Thresher-McCann Collection (MS-036, Dayton Metro Library), (2012, in progress).
  • Mittendorf Business Records (MS-048, Dayton Metro Library), 2012.
  • Forrer-Peirce-Wood Collection (MS-018, Dayton Metro Library), 2012.
  • Lowe Papers (MS-009, Dayton Metro Library), 2011.
  • Montgomery County Historic Lantern Slides Collection (Dayton Metro Library), 2011.
  • Schaeffer Papers (MS-020, Dayton Metro Library), 2011.
  • Bickham Collection (MS-017, Dayton Metro Library), 2011.
  • Register of deaths by cholera in Dayton, in 1849 and register of interments: July 13-1849–Aug. 16, 1849 [transcription and index], 2010. (WorldCat entry)
  • Index to Dayton by Curt Dalton, 2010. (WorldCat entry)
  • Brown-Patterson Papers (MS-015, Dayton Metro Library), 2010.
  • Miamisburg Historic Lantern Slides (MS-019, Dayton Metro Library), 2010.
  • Van Cleve-Dover Collection (MS-008, Dayton Metro Library), 2010.
  • Miami Valley School Collection (MS-358, Wright State University), 2007.
  • John William Miller Papers (MS-345, Wright State University), 2007.

Many of these items are included in the WorldCat list “Written by Lisa Pasquinelli Rickey” (if they are listed on WorldCat). 

This page was last edited on July 5, 2012.


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