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Montgomery County real estate mapping

I just noticed something new on the Montgomery County (Ohio) Auditor’s web site – http://www.mcrealestate.org/. They have a new app for property mapping. (It says it’s still under construction, but it does have some functions already.) 

Go to the web site, click on property search, and then search for a property. On the property page, you’ll notice a link to “New maps (under construction).” If you click on it, it will show you the parcel map with that property highlighted. I think they always had something like this, but this new map has some additional cool features. (Note: the new map takes a few seconds to load. It will display an “under construction” note at first, but after a couple of seconds, the map does appear.)

There is a tool on the new map where you can select any parcel and it will tell you the information (owner, address, value) in a little pop-up bubble.

There is also a (new) feature to show you info about a parcel you identify from the map, without knowing the owner or the exact address. To do this, click on the binoculars at the right, then select the icon that looks like a computer monitor (“identify parcel”). A little instruction bubble pops up, click “place point” to go back to the map. Then click on the parcel you are interested in, and a little red dot will appear on it, and an info bubble will pop up telling you the information about that parcel.

Pretty cool! I’ve been waiting for this! Now you don’t necessarily have to know the owner or the exact address to get the info about a piece of property. I’m very excited. I know it will be useful for local history research.